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Store Updates

What's happening at Nesk Kids at the moment...

21 May 2020: Kit Packaging Updated

Our Nesk Kids loose parts kit packaging has been redesigned and are now live! When you purchase our kits, they now come in a cardboard box with separate compartments to easily store your loose parts. All Australian Made! Take a look here.

20 May 2020: Shipping Updates

Our shipping has been updated to now include live shipping rates for both international and domestic at checkout. This is based on weight and your location. Any issues, please email us at

09 May 2020

Our Grapat Restock has occured, and even though we sold out of some items (Lola, 11 sets) we still have Nest Rings, Rainbow Tomtens and Mandala still available! 

08 May 2020 

As the Grapat Mandala Honeycomb and Flowers are limited in stock, creating the full 11 set is difficult and very limited in stock. Therefore, we have created a 10 Set Collection which doesn't include the pink flowers.  This too will be limited in stock however it will allow you to purchase most of the entire collection.

Note: The next Grapat Restock is in 12 weeks time.


What will be available:

 What won't be included in this restock:

  • 18 Rings
  • Nest Bowls
  • 18 Coins
  • Insects / Bugs
  • 7 Sets of Grapat Mandala [Collection 1]

Get your wishlist ready.....

06 May 2020 - GRAPAT RESTOCK

Nesk Kids' Grapat Restock will be happening on Friday the 8th May 2020 at 8pm Melbourne Australia Time!!

05 May 2020 - GRAPAT ORDER

Our Grapat order has been processed and we are awaiting a shipment date.  Once we have this, we will announce our restock date. Please note, to manage your expectations - the 11 sets of Grapat Mandala collection with be very limited in stock due to some of the items (like the yellow honeycomb and pink flowers are very low in stock).  We have created a new mandala collection which has 7 sets and includes the new green trees and grey stones.  Take a look here.


We are hoping to restock our Grapat collection over the next week or two. We are awaiting to hear about our order on Tuesday 5th May. More updates coming soon...

24 April 2020 - GRAPAT UPDATE:

Grapat has arrived in Australia. We are currently awaiting our order and allocation from the distributor. We are hoping to receive this over the next few weeks. Once received, we will email our newsletter subscribers to let you know the restock date and updates will also be provided on social media (@neskkids).

23 April 2020 - POSTAGE DELAYS: 

We have noticed postage delays due to COVID-19, especially international postage. Nesk Kids' continues to send out orders on a daily basis, however the postal network is experiencing high demand and are estimating delays of over 7+ business days within Australia and 4-6 weeks for international orders.

22 April 2020 - BOX RESTOCK UPDATE:

Niki, the Founder of Nesk Kids, has been busily redesigning some of the nesk kids boxes. This has taken some time and we appreciate your patience.  At this stage, we are aiming to restock our boxes (some with a fresh new look!) in July 2020.

21 April 2020 - NEW PRODUCTS:

New Instant Snow and Loose Parts Play Kit added to the store.

20 April 2020 - WATERBEAD RESTOCK: 

Waterbeads have been restocked.