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Wooden Alphabet Letters.
Wooden Alphabet Letters.
Wooden Alphabet Letters
Wooden Alphabet Letters.
$ 68.95 AUD

$ 109.95 AUD

Alphabet Box - Lock Magnetic Lid


Wooden Alphabet Letters.

Alphabet Box with magnetic lock lid and 26 compartments. This beautifully made wooden FSC certified pine box is ideal for learning activities involving the English wooden moveable alphabet letters or organising loose items.

What’s Included (Wooden Alphabet Letters included): 

  • 1 x FSC certified wooden pine box with lock lid containing 26 compartments, one for each letter.

  • 5 of each consonant is provided in black.

  • 10 of each vowel is provided in white.

  • All letters are made of wood.

  • Letters are in the handwriting style used by schools throughout Australia (NSW Font).

Designed in Australia.
Ethically & Sustainably Produced.
Note: Wood grain will vary per box.

Box Dimensions:

  • Length 40 cm

  • Width 35.3 cm

  • Height 4.2 cm

Compartment Dimensions:

  • Length 7.6cm

  • Width 4.8 cm

  • M and W compartments are Length 10cm x 7.6cm Width

Letter Dimensions:

  • Each Letter 3 - 6 cm height and 3mm width

Suitable for Age Group

  • 2 - 3 years

  • 3 - 4 years

  • 4 years +

Inspired by Montessori based learning or any child learning the letters of the alphabet or how to spell words. This box can also be used as a sorting and organising activity (a is for ….., b is for ….., etc).