Hey Doodle - DinoRoar Colouring Mini Mat

Discover the charm of HeyDoodle Mini Mats, the perfect addition to any occasion – great as a birthday gift, stocking filler, or trusty travel companion! These mini-sized wonders offer boundless creative joy, and the best part? They're endlessly reusable.

Measuring at a compact 30x20cm, HeyDoodle's Mini Mats are half the size of the regular ones, making them just the right size for little hands. Each Mini Mat is thoughtfully packaged in a handy cardboard tube, ensuring it's always ready for on-the-go adventures.

Inside every tube, you'll find:

  • 1 x DinoRoar Mini Mat (30 x 20cm)
  • 3 x HeyDoodle markers
  • Cardboard tube

Crafted from FDA-approved, non-toxic silicone, these mats are entirely free from harmful chemicals or substances.

Cleaning up after playtime has never been easier – these mats are washable, wipeable, and refreshable with a simple wipe-down using a damp cloth or a gentle wash with soap and water.

Elevate playtime with HeyDoodle Mini Mats, now available at Nesk Kids. These mini-sized wonders are ready to ignite creativity wherever you go!