Magic Wood Buildable Wooden Treehouse

Elevate Playtime with the Buildable wooden Tree House by Magic Wood! 🌳🏠

Take your child's playtime to new heights with our enchanting Buildable Tree House. Crafted with creativity and imagination in mind, this wooden masterpiece offers endless hours of fun and adventure. Watch as your little ones construct their own tree-dwelling haven, complete with secret hideaways and charming details.

Each Buildable Tree House comes with retractable stairs, crane kit and load, balcony, crow’s nest, rope ladder and spiral stairs.

Made with eco-friendly materials and a commitment to quality, our Buildable Tree House sparks exploration and nurtures fine motor skills. Whether it's a cozy retreat for toy friends or the backdrop for epic adventures, this delightful treehouse is designed to inspire.

Made in Europe from recycled cherry and apple wood branches.

Comes packed in a cardboard box for you to have fun building together as a family.