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Nesk Kids Loose Parts Storage Box including 11 Grapat Mandala Sets Nesk Kids
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Nesk Kids Loose Parts Storage Box and 11 Grapat Mandala Sets

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Coming Soon - September 2020!

Full Grapat Mandala Collection AND Storage Box!!

Ever wanted to the FULL Grapat Mandala Collection and a beautiful item to store them in? Well, our Loose Parts Storage Box including Grapat Mandala pieces with removable lid provides you with 11 full sets of the Grapat Mandala range along with the Nesk Kids Loose Parts Wooden Storage Box to store all of those wonderful pieces in. Great as a birthday gift for a special loved one! or even just for yourself (okay, and maybe for your child too). Countless hours of open-ended play in one Grapat filled Box!

What’s Included:

  • A Nesk Kids Loose Parts Wooden Storage Box with removable lid

    • This perspex-fronted wooden box comes with 20 deep storage compartments and a removable transparent lid. Originally designed to store Grapat mandala pieces, this quality built wooden pine timber box is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, which means the timber used comes from responsibly managed sources.

  • Eleven (11) Grapat Mandala sets, which are:
    • Grapat Mandala Green Trees (36 pieces) 
    • Grapat Mandala Grey Stones (36 pieces) 
    • Grapat Mandala Pink Flowers (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Green Cones (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Blue Raindrops (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Yellow Honeycomb (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Orange Cones (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Purple Eggs (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Red Fire (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Brown Mushrooms (36 pieces)
    • Grapat Mandala Small Blue Coins (36 pieces)
        Nesk Kids Box - Designed in Australia by Nesk Kids. All rights reserved. Ethically and sustainably (FSC) handcrafted internationally.
        Note: Woodgrain will vary per box.
        Grapat - Designed and Made in Spain.
        Warning: Choking hazard - small parts. Recommended for ages 3+. Adult supervision is required.

        Box Dimensions:

        • Coming Soon!

        Compartment Sizes:

        • Coming Soon!

        Note: Each Grapat Mandala will come in separate boxed packages along with a separate package with your wooden storage box.
        Further Grapat pieces can also be purchased from our store.
        Note: The Nesk Kids Loose Parts Storage Box can fit up to 11 full sets of Grapat mandala pieces. Nins can stand upright with the lid closed.