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Educational Toys & Loose Parts Play

by Nesk Kids

Children's Loose Part Play Boxes, Grapat, Loose Parts Kits and Wooden Toys that promote creativity, imagination, learning and play!

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Nesk Kids aspires to change the future minds of children. We aim to move children away from technology and get them creating, imagining, and above all playing!

Nesk Kids is an Australian, family-owned business creating award-winning children's loose part play boxes and loose part kits that promote creativity, imagination, learning, and open ended play! 

The brand was created to take children away from technology and screen-time and bring them back to basics. To play with sticks, rocks, leaves, and natural materials that they could touch, feel, smell, and create whatever they wanted. The concept of 'learning through play' is not a new theory, but is one that Nesk Kids believe is an important part of a child's development.

We also offer Grapat Wooden Toys and a variety of other open-ended wooden toys and educational resources that align with our vision.

Learning Through Play

Every child is unique and processes information their own way - these points alone, have a big impact on how they learn and explore the world around them.

While one child may learn best through visual means, another may learn best through tactile experiences. As parents, carers and educators, our job is to ensure our children are able to explore how best they learn - to set them up as life long learners.

The concept of 'learning through play' is not a new theory, but is one that we at Nesk Kids believe is an important part of a child's development. The educational toys and resources in our store promote open ended play, creativity, use of imagination and more.

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Nesk Kids

Family Business

We are a family centered business located in Melbourne, Australia.

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Sustainability and Awards

Forest Stewardship Council
Forest Stewardship Council

Nesk Kids is proud to create products that are FSC certified. Every product comes from responsibly managed forest sources.

Winner of Best Children's Product

Nesk Kids is honoured to be the winner of the Best Children's Product and Bronze winner of Best eCommerce Business at the 2019 Roar Success Awards.

Zero waste, better packaging
Zero Waste

Nesk Kids is committed to using as little plastic packaging as possible. We aim to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible.