Nesk Kids Craft Kit

Some of the benefits of arts and crafts for kids include fine motor skills - this enhances children's hand-eye coordination and building levels of manual dexterity. Identification of shapes, colour and texture - working with materials teaches them about colours, shapes and textures. Creativity - craft encourages children to play and experiment in a fun and relaxed environment. The Nesk Kids Craft Kit was designed for these many reasons.
What’s included:
  • 10 coloured pipe cleaners/chenille stems
  • 5 paper straws
  • 10 coloured wooden popsicle sticks
  • 25 googly eyes
  • 2g paper confetti
  • 7g paper tiles/squares
  • 30 paper collage shapes
  • 12g coloured wooden matchsticks
  • 20 jewels
  • 30 foam shapes
  • 15 pom poms
  • 20 mini patty pans
  • 20 wooden colourful buttons
  • 10 cardboard stars
  • 15 felt numbers and letters (randomly selected)
  • 15 felt shapes
  • 10g shiny foil pieces
  • 10 wooden ladybugs
  • Comes in a cardboard box with compartments.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not suitable for children aged under 3 years. Adult supervision is required. 

  • Overall Cardboard Box measures: 35.5 x 28 x 4 cms
  • Each square measures: 6.2 x 6.5 cms
  • Long compartment: 28 x 6.7 cms
We try to provide the items pictured, however, items may vary to images.
Packed in Australia from locally sourced and imported items.
Note: Items come packaged in a brown cardboard box with compartments. Each cardboard compartment contains each loose part item. All packaging can be recycled or kept to store your loose parts.