About Us

Founding Nesk Kids.

Hi, I am Niki, the proud founder and owner of Nesk Kids!

When creating Nesk Kids, I really wanted to focus on bringing loose parts play into children’s lives. With so much screen time these days, it felt like children were losing the opportunity to be creative and imaginative (especially in the physical world). With my love for open-ended play, I was on a mission to create a unique product and platform where loose parts, education and creativity were at the forefront. Play and sensory learning are so important in a child’s development, and the opportunities are endless in a child's imagination - so why not nurture it and let them explore it (that is what Nesk Kids is all about). 

For example: I created the Nature Box and Nature Kit after I found out that some children were reaching school and they had never played with sticks, stones, bark, or leaves. Children whom either live-in high-rise buildings or that just did not have access to a park or backyard. So, I thought to myself, I want to change this, and that is how this product came about! 

Since our launch, our product catalogue has evolved to include not only our play boxes, holders and sensory kits, but also a variety of other open-ended wooden toys and educational resources that align with our vision.

We are also so honoured to have our products in many early learning centres, kindergartens, play therapy centres, primary schools, and even secondary schools plus many family homes!

Nesk Kids strives to inspire the future minds and generation of children. We aim to encourage children to create, imagine and above all play!!

How did I come up with the name "NESK” you might ask? They are the initials of my name, my daughter's names, and our family surname.

I hope you enjoy our products. Happy creating, learning and above all, playing!!


Founder of Nesk Kids® 


Quality Educational Toys

We are a family-owned and run business in Melbourne, Australia, creating high quality, award-winning sustainable children’s loose part play boxes, loose part play kits and toys for your loved ones.

We do all we can to use minimal plastic in our products and packaging.

We use:

  • Sustainably sourced timber;

  • Paper, cardboard and/or biodegradable packaging; and

  • Paper, material and/or wooden craft and loose parts wherever we can.

We can’t completely avoid plastic, however, we make a point to use it sparingly. We aim to be as sustainable and environmentally conscious as possible.