15 Grapat Mandala Set

Encourage your child's creativity and imagination with Grapat Mandala pieces from Nesk Kids. The collection of 15 unique sets includes Pineapples, Snow Flakes, Petals, Rainbow Eggs, and more - all designed to inspire open-ended play and limitless possibilities. With no instructions or rules to follow, your child is free to express their creativity in any way they choose.

All Grapat Mandala pieces are certified and tested to meet toy safety standards and are designed and made in Spain. Recommended for ages 3 and up, each set contains 36 pieces, totaling 540 pieces in this collection. Please note that these toys are not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Collection includes fifteen (15) Grapat Mandala sets, which are:

  • Grapat Mandala Pineapples (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Snow Flakes (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Petals (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Rainbow Eggs (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Green Trees (36 pieces) 
  • Grapat Mandala Grey Stones (36 pieces) 
  • Grapat Mandala Pink Flowers (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Green Cones (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Blue Raindrops (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Yellow Honeycomb (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Orange Cones (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Purple Eggs (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Red Fire (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Brown Mushrooms (36 pieces)
  • Grapat Mandala Small Blue Coins (36 pieces)
Enhance your child's playtime and keep their Grapat Mandala pieces organized with our optional wooden storage box, available for purchase separately. With Nesk Kids, you can feel good about providing your child with sustainable and safe toys that encourage creativity and exploration. Shop now and unlock a world of imagination for your child!
For Grapat Storage ideas, please see: Nesk Kids Wooden Boxes
If this set is sold out, you can purchase the individual grapat mandala sets to create the overall collection here: Grapat Mandala Sets