Grapat Lola Grapat
Grapat Lola Grapat
Grapat Lola Grapat
Grapat Lola Grapat
Grapat Lola Grapat
Grapat Lola Grapat
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Grapat Lola

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Grapat Toys - Lola Set

The Grapat Lola set, part of the new Grapat collection released in 2020, is a collection of wooden beakers, tubes, and cylindrical 'Lola' figures in different colours and sizes, providing and promoting open-ended play. 

Create stories, support mathematics, build a small-world, or connect the pieces.

The Grapat Lola set includes 72 pieces:

  • 12 Large Lolas (65 mm)
  • 12 Medium Lolas (45 mm)
  • 12 Small Lolas (20 mm)
  • 12 Tubes (70 mm)
  • 12 Solid Tubes (70 mm)
  • 12 Half Tubes (70 mm)


Recommended age: 3+

Designed and made in Spain

As this product is handmade, colours and wood grain may vary slightly.

About Grapat Toys:

Casiana and Jordi, the founders of Grapat Wooden Toys are from a small town in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya, Spain who were inspired by how their daughter played when given the freedom to play with her natural everyday surroundings. They believe that when the toy is somewhat seemingly simplistic and given without instructions, it encourages children to develop a more adventurous and complex activity with it.

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