Grimms Large Wooden Rainbow Balls

Grimm's Large Wooden Rainbow Balls – a World of Playful Possibilities

Unlock endless discovery and fun with Grimm's Large Wooden Rainbow Balls. Designed for small hands, these vibrant balls are perfect for simple games like rolling them through the rainbow or dropping them into color-matched boxes and bowls. They also add excitement to marble games with the large Rainbows and enhance home corner play with their textured surface and size.

Product Highlights:
  • Includes 6 Wooden Balls neatly nestled in an egg carton
  • Crafted from maple wood and adorned with non-toxic, water-based color stain
  • Each ball measures 4.5cm in diameter
Suitable for: Older children and adults (6+), preschoolers (3-6), and toddlers (1-3)

Elevate playtime with Grimm's Large Wooden Rainbow Balls, now available at Nesk Kids. Explore the world of imaginative play today! 🌈🎲🌟