Grimms Large Wooden Stepped Block Pyramid (LSP)

Introducing the Grimm’s Large Wooden Stepped Wooden Block Pyramid - a colossal set of 100 vibrant, color-coded blocks, each measuring 4x4cm and ranging in length from 4 cm to an impressive 20 cm! 🌈🏰

This open-ended building set is a gateway to boundless creativity. With these multi-sized blocks, you can construct grand palaces, castles, bustling cities, towering skyscrapers, cozy houses, and, when paired with smaller Grimm’s sets (like the forest and mushroom sets), you can even bring magical landscapes to life. Imagination is your compass, and these blocks are your starting point. Plus, they're not just for play; they're a fantastic tool for counting, understanding fractions, and sparking imaginative adventures.

This set includes 100 vibrant building blocks housed in a sturdy wooden frame that's not only part of play but also a fantastic way to keep everything organized.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Combine this large wooden block set with other Grimm’s building sets and their colorful balls to create jaw-dropping marble runs. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Product Details:

  • Materials: Crafted from eco-friendly lime wood and adorned with non-toxic water-based color stain and plant-based oil finish
  • Size: Frame measures 44.5cm, single blocks are 4cm thick, with lengths up to an exciting 20cm! 🌟🏗️🎉