Grimms Wooden Pebbles Flamingo

Introducing the Flamingo Pebbles, a vibrant addition to Grimm’s Wooden Pebble family. These cheerful pebbles are here to infuse your Grimm’s constructions with a burst of refreshing color.

Get ready for a challenging and fun experience as you build, stack, and master the art of balance with these natural, round stone shapes. Let your creativity soar as you enhance your imaginative worlds – add them to a river (using a silk scarf), create caves, craft stony landscapes, or build cairns. These pebbles are the perfect complement to our Grimm’s elemental collection: Fire, Water, and Earth.

The Flamingo Pebble set includes 4 smooth wooden pieces in varying shades of pink and purple.

Product Details:

  • Materials: Crafted from lime wood and adorned with non-toxic water-based color stain
  • Dimensions: Height - 2.5cm, Lengths - 6 to 12cm

Elevate your playtime with these colorful Flamingo Pebbles, where creativity knows no bounds.