Hey Doodle - 100 Squares Colouring Mat

Unleash Your Inner Artist with HeyDoodle's 100 Squares Reusable Coloring Mat! 🎨✨ Dive into a world of creativity and endless possibilities with our versatile coloring mat. The 100 Squares design is perfect for all ages and artistic levels, allowing you to create, doodle, and design to your heart's content. Whether you're sketching, planning, or just enjoying the therapeutic act of coloring, this mat has you covered. Say goodbye to paper waste and hello to eco-friendly, mess-free fun. Let your imagination run wild across 100 squares of pure inspiration! 🖌️🌈📐

Each pack comes with:

  • An A3 reusable premium grade silicone mat
  • 9 non-toxic markers for hours of colouring
  • A handy carry pouch (so you don’t lose anything while on the go!)

The 100 square chart is such a simple math teaching aid but can also be used in endless creative ways from mystery pictures, to connect 4, let their imagination soar by creating new games! This pack comes with a little booklet of game suggestions to get the creative ball rolling.

Easily wipe clean with a damp cloth (or a wet wipe) to reset the canvas, and then start over!

Great for: All kids ages 3-100! But, most engaging for ages 3-7.

Benefits of colouring/doodling:

  • Foster creativity and concentration
  • Fine motor skills
  • Exposure to themes
  • Literacy, numeracy, science, geography
  • Develop social skills as your child colours, chats and connects with others