Papoose Toys Spoon Set (8 pieces) Papoose Toys
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Papoose Wooden Spoon Set (8 pieces)

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Papoose Wooden Spoon Set (8 pieces)

These beautifully handmade spoons come in a set of eight (8) and are perfect for any home corner play set up.

Featuring a range of shapes and sizes, these spoons are great for sensory play and are made from natural ingredients such as rainbow rice.

What's Included:

  • 8 eco-friendly wooden spoons
  • Including a range of shapes and sizes

Dimensions: Spoons range roughly between 9cm - 23cm in length

About Papoose Toys 

Papoose Toys is an Australian business that works alongside some fabulously talented artisans. Their focus is on design and beauty and their products inspire play for children in the early years. 

They are beautifully designed by Renske Carbone and support children's creative and imaginative play. These toys are handmade under fair trade conditions by wonderful Nepalese families who make these functional and beautiful products.