Wild Dough: Fairy Dust White Playdough

Enter the magical realm of the season with Wild Dough's enchanting Fairy Dust White Playdough. Let the mesmerising aroma of passionfruit and mix of glimmering sparkles transport you away as you mold and sculpt this plush, white masterpiece.

Made Down Under Weight: 280g
Includes one jar with lid of Fairy Dust White playdough.

There's truly so much to adore about Wild Dough.
Here are the highlights:
- Smells Incredible
- Safe for kids with non-toxic ingredients
- Super soft for little hands
- Stays fresh for 6 whole months
- Can be rehydrated with water
- Created by a mum for her own kids
- 100% Authentically Australian Made & Owned
- Eco-friendly PET plastic jars - sturdy yet lightweight.