Grapat and Grimm's Play and Display

Grapat and Grimm's Play and Display

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Grapat Toys.

The beautiful handmade wooden toys developed by toy makers 'Grapat and Grimm's', are capturing the imaginations of children and adults the world over. Their ranges of colourful wooden pieces such as discs, rings and cones can be sorted, counted, stacked and arranged in ways that help introduce children to colours and shapes and develop logical mathematical thinking and fine motor skills.

Their range of loose parts, including wooden peg dolls (nins), cups, bowls, balls, marbles, blocks and even wooden acorns and mushrooms extend children's creative and imaginative play through use as props and characters. In their simplicity, the toys are designed to spark and foster the natural desire within children to play, learn and discover.

All the pieces are made from sustainable timber and finished with safe natural waxes, dyes and oils to ensure they feel beautiful and are safe for little hands and mouths. Simple, versatile and durable, the Grapat and Grimm's toys are a wonderful addition to the play area of any home or educational centre.

At Nesk Kids, we're passionate about the kind of creative and open-ended play that sees children absorbed in the imaginative worlds they create. We're excited that our new Nesk Kids Loose Parts Storage Box is the ideal accompaniment to any loose-parts play. Its 20 deep compartments are a perfect size and shape for little hands to sort, match and arrange pieces. Children love sorting their small toys and getting their treasures and belongings back in order. Once play is finished all loose parts are securely stored, ready to be packed away or transported to the grandparents, a cafe or on holiday.

Grapat Toys & Nesk Kids Storage Boxes...

In recent months, we’ve been delighted to hear from parents and early-childhood educators alike, that the Nesk Kids Store & Play Box is a popular choice for sorting, storing and displaying a range of Grapat and Grimm's wooden pieces and toys. And, it's exciting to hear, that in addition to being used as a unit for storage and display, the Nesk Kids Store & Play Box is also becoming an integral part of children's play. With the 17 easy-to-view compartments, children can be engaged in Montessori-inspired play; hiding and moving little figurines and their “luggage and vehicles, family and pets” from one compartment to the next.

This inspired us to create a box specific to storing, displaying and playing with Grapat and Grimm’s loose parts. Stand the Loose Parts Storage Box (with removable lid) on its side and it becomes a (mini) multi-level house, castle or office building. The opportunities for children to create tiny worlds that keep them occupied for hours are countless.

Made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber from responsibly managed sources, the Nesk Kids Loose Parts Storage Box is a beautiful way to store and display your lovely handmade toys. Each box comes with easy access to paper and a blackboard via a handy drawer, which will extend the creative and learning opportunities provided by play. Explore our range of empty and pre-filled boxes today.

Whether you already own or plan to purchase some of the Grapat or Grimm's range of handmade wooden toys and pieces, a Nesk Kids Store & Play Box or a Nesk Kids Loose Parts Storage Box will not only help you and your children to store and display your toys but to achieve the wonderful educational and creative benefits they provide.

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