Sort Little - Think Big

Sort Little - Think Big

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Storage for Loose Parts Play!

Do the words Lego chaos, LOLs, Shopkins, Ooshies and Pikmi Pops mean anything to you? Have you ever found yourself unwittingly skating across the kitchen floor on a pair of Matchbox cars or Beyblade pieces?

If so, it's likely you have one or more little people in your life and quite possibly a few areas of floor in your home strewn with tiny toys, Lego pieces, spinning tops, miniature dolls and their accessories.

Loose Parts Play

At Nesk Kids, we're passionate about children learning through play and the use of their creativity and imagination. We're also keen on being organised. That's why we created the Nesk Kids store & play box – a clever solution to that common problem of how to organise and store small toys and their parts. With easy-to-view compartments, children will not only be able to easily sort their small toys and other items but will also enjoy more time playing and less time rummaging for missing pieces.

Plus, kids love to sort and it's actually good for them! Once a child is matching more than two objects, they are sorting, which is a basic maths activity – and like all maths skills, they are best learned when they are part of a child's everyday life. Having children count, sort and classify items into groups based on size, colour or shape promotes early numeracy and maths concepts as well as fine motor skills.

Involving children in the packing up and storage of their toys is a great way to encourage responsibility and to initiate play with these toys independent of you. Kids will also enjoy sorting and storing their jewellery, hair clips, bows and other accessories.

Explore the range of Nesk Kids craft and sorting boxes. Our boxes come with either a removable lid – perfect for when there are lots of little hands at the Lego or play table or a lockable lid – great for transporting little toys on holidays, to the grandparents' house or taking to a cafe or restaurant. Both come with easy access to paper and a blackboard via a handy drawer.

All our wooden boxes are designed by Melbourne mum and Nesk Kids founder, Niki. They are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber from responsibly managed sources.

From Lego to Matchbox cars and all the LOLs, Hatchimals and Pikmipops in between, use your Nesk Kids sort-and-play box to help your kids sort, store and enjoy their toys more. The options are truly endless. 


Shop loose parts play materials here.

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