Kids Craft? Sorted!

Kids Craft? Sorted!

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Kids Craft Storage Box.

If your children are creative little beings, then you'll know how it feels to have your home littered with beads, pom poms and googly eyes. Or perhaps your kids' craft supplies are kept in one place, but it's a big messy draw or an all-in-one tub? Come craft time, there are lots of rummaging but not much creating.

As parents, we know the benefits of arts and craft activities for our children in improving coordination, honing fine motor skills and promoting self-expression. Working with different materials, textures, colours, and shapes provide endless learning opportunities for kids – and making art is fun!

But sometimes the thought of the mess can see us avoiding letting our kids get stuck into a creative project. For some parents the thought of a craft activity is daunting for other reasons – you might be thinking: what is craft? and what do I need? We all have times when we feel like we'll leave the creative (messy!) activities for when our little ones are at kinder or school.

At Nesk Kids, we are passionate about promoting opportunities for children to learn through play, creativity and using their imaginations. It's one of the main reasons the Nesk Kids Craft Play Box was created. With kids' craft supplies stored in a way that they'll enjoy, it's easier for children to get crafting. The easy-to-view compartments make the hunt for a particular sequin or coloured matchstick that much quicker. This promotes independent learning and play. And if you're a parent (or grandparent, aunt or uncle!) who isn't quite sure where to begin with craft supplies, you'll love our pre-filled craft boxes and craft kits, perfect for your own home or as a gift.

At the end of a crafting session with the Nesk Kids Craft Play Box, supplies can easily be sorted and packed away. No more cries of “don't make a mess” from mum or dad when inspiration takes hold.

Explore the range of Nesk Kids Craft and Storing Boxes. The craft box with removable lid is perfect for when there are lots of little hands at the table. The lockable lid means the craft box is ready to be taken anywhere – holidays, the grandparents' or even a cafe or restaurant. Both come with easy access to paper and a blackboard via a handy drawer.

All boxes are designed by Melbourne mum and Nesk Kids founder, Niki. They are made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber from responsibly managed sources.

Whether it's a box for your own children or to give as a gift, empty or filled, we have your craft needs (and supplies) sorted!

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