The Ultimate Guide to Grapat Wooden Toys

The Ultimate Guide to Grapat Wooden Toys

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Have you ever heard of Grapat Wooden Toys? If not, you’re in for a treat! Grapat toys are surging in popularity right now, and in this ultimate guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about these cute, wooden delights and where you can go to buy them today.  

What is Grapat?

Grapat Toys are the signature creations of the Catalonian family business, Grapat. “Grapat” is the Catalan word for “handful”, and pays homage to large quantities of toys which come with your purchases. Gentle, smooth and exquisitely designed, these wooden loose parts come in a wide array of soft colours, including lavender, sky blue, rose, red, sea blue and more! Not only that, they are minimalistically created such that a figurine can be any gender, any creature, or any person your child can think of. The brand is closely related in style to the German toymaker, Grimm’s, by their use of wood, geometric shapes and the ethos of play and display. We’ve put together a general guide about play and display toys, if you’d like to learn more.  

The Benefits of Playing with Grapat

Grapat Toys allow your child to engage in loose parts play, which is one of the best ways for them to let their imaginations run wild. Since Grapat usually designs their loose parts with relatively few details – for instance, a pair of eyes to signify a person, animal or out-of-this-world creature – they naturally encourage your kids to map out a creative landscape on their own. The varied sizes and shapes of Grapat Toys make them also ideal for helping your kids develop their fine motor skills, and they will come to learn how to perform a pincer grip (forefinger and thumb) and tripod grip (middle finger, forefinger and thumb). The best part is that since they’re playing with toys, it won’t feel like work or learning at all, but play! 

Discover the Types of Grapat Toys

There is a world of Grapat Toys just waiting to be discovered. Take a look at some of the best Grapat Toys on the market, including Grapat Mandala, Lola and Brots, as well as other Grapat staples, like Grapat Rings, Coins, Balls and Bowls. 

Grapat Mandala

Take a look at the Grapat Mandala to see examples of almond-, cone- and disc-shaped Grapat toys. Watch as your child spontaneously forms geometric patterns, observing them from a bird’s eye view, or alternating placement of these loose parts based on colour or shade. 


Grapat Lola

The Grapat Lola set consists of 72 tubular toy pieces which can be arranged and rearranged to your child’s content. Think tunnels, pipes, water slides, kaleidoscopes, and spaceships. Many of the Grapat Lola set come with little faces, so your kids can build large communities and construct all sorts of fascinating scenarios. 

Grapat Brots

Grapat Brots are the perfect little people for your child to play with. With a rainbow of coloured tops adorning each, Grapat Brots can take on a wide variety of functions in your child’s playspace, be they ogres, elves, fairies, farmers or city-dwellers. With a set of 18 Brots, your child will be able to role play all the conversation, drama and gossip that comes with a small town! 

Grapat Nins

Like their cousin, Grapat Brots, Grapat Nins are wooden play companions. A spherical head marks their humanness, while a brightly coloured body differentiates them from one another. With no eyes or gender, your child will be in complete control of who these beings are, be they astronauts, adventurers or aliens! 

Grapat Carla

With 120 pieces available, Grapat Carla is one of the largest Grapat sets you can buy for your child. Complete with the signature minimalistic Grapat figurines, coins and discs, the Grapat Carla set is ideal for teaching your child the fundamental principles of counting and mathematics. 


Grapat Mates

Grapat Mates are not, as you might expect, a collection of friendly Australians; ‘mates’ for Catalonians refers to mate tea, and as such, this toy set comes with six cups in rainbow colours. These cups are great for logical skills like grouping and matching and any tea time tabletop discussions. 


Grapat Rings and Coins

Some of the most fundamental and best-value Grapat Toys you can buy are Grapat Rings and Grapat Coins. Perfect for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, these staples of the Grapat collection are a must-have in any toy set. 


Grapat Seasons

You might like to buy a season-specific set of Grapat toys, be that Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring. Each is colour-coordinated to represent aspects of the season: for instance, autumn contains greens, oranges and browns, to represent the ageing and falling of leaves, spring is full of greens, yellows and pinks, to represent the budding of flowers and the buzzing of bees. 


Grapat Bowls and Balls

The Grapat Bowls and Balls toy set features six balls and twelve bowls to place them in. A rainbow of colours allows your child to colour-match, while the complementary shapes allows them to understand how a sphere can fit snugly inside a container. Flip the cups upside down for a game of peekaboo, and see if your child can keep track of where their ball is without seeing it! 


Grapat Palos

The Grapat Palos collection is a series of figurine-like wooden toys with little faces and large colourful hats. Grapat Palos toys could be wizards, witches, dwarves, gnomes or clergy, with all sorts of interesting relationships to one another! 


Grapat Bugs

Shop for your child’s favourite Grapat Bugs with this delightful range of quirky-looking critters. Round beetles, hourglass ants and thin crickets are just a few of the many insects your child might conjure up in their minds during playtime, as they release their inner entomologist. 


Limited Edition Grapat Wooden Toys

Sometimes, Grapat runs a limited edition series of loose parts, like the Grapat Hope & Grapat Joy collection inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep up-to-date with upcoming limited edition Grapat Toys at Nesk Kids, to make sure you don’t miss out on the next special offer! 


Grapat Storage (Sorting Boards & Tinker Trays)

Store all of your Grapat Toys with a Grapat Storage sorting board and tinker tray. Allow your child to match their toys based on colour and shape when putting their Grapat Toys away, and display the rainbow coloured beauty of them all by placing it on a bedroom shelf. 



Buy Your Favourite Grapat Toys Today!

For all your favourite Grapat Toys, head on over to Nesk Kids today to see what you can find! Shop for Grapat coins, rings, storage sets, and your favourite figurines, like Palos, Lola, Nins and Brots, Tomten, Rainbow and Little Things!

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