Nesk Kids Wooden Sorting Board [Fits Grapat Rings, Nins, Wizards & more]

Sorting and grouping things together (especially loose parts) is an important cognitive skill. It teaches children to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorise, and develops early literacy and numeracy skills. Sort, store and promote loose parts play easily with Nesk Kids. 
This Nesk Kids Wooden Sorting Board is designed to store a collection of Grapat items like Nins, Rings, Mates, Tomtens, BallsBrots, Palos, Grimms Friends, and many more. Mix them up, sort them, colour match them. This isn't just a beautiful piece to display your Grapat and loose parts items on, it is a great sorting board for countless open-ended activities for kids.
  • Made from the highest quality architectural AB grade Birch hardwood plywood
  • Made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Includes 6 pine wood dowels
  • Each item is carefully crafted to very high-quality standards and is sanded leaving no sharp edges.
  • Sorting Board is 371mm (L) x 263mm (W) x 24mm (H)

What's Included:
  • One Sorting Board consists of:
    • 12 Large Holes (that also fit Mates, Beakers, and Balls)
    • 6 Medium Holes (that also fit Nins & Wizards)
    • 18 Small Holes (that also fit Palos, Brots, Baby Nins, Mandala)
    • 6 Pine Dowels: 80 mm tall
  • Dowels are removable for versatility!
  • Each dowel can hold 6 Grapat Rings.
Storage Boards are also available for Full LolaNins/Rings/Coins, and Seasons.
Woodgrain will vary. Some boards may have wood knots or may have various colors at the base of the holes depending on the wood layer that was cut. This is not a defect but the natural beauty of timber.
Please note this board was created to fit various Grapat pieces within one board. If you are only storing half a Lola set, the third row of holes from the front will be slightly larger than the Lola piece as it was designed to store a Nin or Magos/Wizard.
Note: Grapat and other items are not included. For illustration purposes only.