Nesk Kids Wooden Storage Board [for Grapat Lola]

Sorting and grouping things together (especially loose parts) is an important cognitive skill. It teaches children to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorise, and develops early literacy and numeracy skills. Sort, store and promote loose parts play easily with Nesk Kids.
Our Nesk Kids Large Storage and Sorting Board is designed to store Grapat Lola (the entire Lola set). Designed by Nesk Kids Founder, Niki after she observed her daughter playing with Grapat's Lola set - she noticed that her daughter sorted them all into each Lola tube. The design came from observing the way children play and their interests.
Note: The smaller Lola’s are designed to be stored within the larger Lola tubes in this storage board. Stored similarly to how Grapat Lola comes in the Grapat cardboard packaging.
What's Included:
  • One Sorting Board with 36 Large Holes.
  • The board comes empty (Grapat Lola is not included).
  • Made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Pine Wood
  • Made in Australia
  • Each piece is carefully handcrafted to very high-quality standards.
  • Sorting Board is 335mm (L) x 330mm (W) x 32mm (H)
This is a NESK KIDS DESIGN - all rights reserved.
Storage Boards are also available for Nins/Rings/Coins and Seasons.
As our products are handmade, woodgrain may vary.
Note: Grapat and other items are not included. For illustration purposes only.